new stash

(Auspicious Argosy is indeed kitted and awaiting my needle. I have, alas, several other large WIPs ahead of it…)

Oct 25, 2007
My chart for Frederick the Literate found a new home with Outi, and in exchange she sent me the PINN chart ‘Auspicious Argosy’. Thanks Outi! I am wanting to start stitching it already. … The problem is that I have a lot of Medieval Court left, as well as over half of Egyptian Sampler. I also started Fish City (even though with only a small inch or so completed, it hardly counts as being “in progress”).

I am also nearly finished with the scissor fob companion piece to my Lorri Birmingham needlecase that I made ages ago. And I’m making an applique-ish? quilt block for the Robert Jordan memorial quilt project. And Solarium Sublime’s Virtual RR#1 begins Nov 1st. (As does NaNoWriMo..)

This doesn’t even touch on the projects for which I have charts, fabric and floss gathered.

But, consider this from the back of the booklet:

Through most of Chinese history, the Chinese have concentrated largely on land commerce and exploration. Until 1403 in Ming dynasty the maritime expansion of commerce had begun, Chinese emperor was interested to expand trade with other countries and had a taste for import exotic goods. It was at this time that China first received embassies from major countries such as Europe. This also begun of greatest time of Chinese commercial era the voyage ship came to be symbol of prosperity and was initiated in the old trading days in Asia. Chinese said that the voyage ship represents the arrival of good fortune as on board there was always gold and money then became known as treasure ship. Most business used voyage ships as a logo to state that their luck had finally arrived. In meaning of Feng Shui, ancient Chinese art of living, the voyage ship embodies wood, water and wind elements which when combined it is said to be most auspicious as they represent health and prosperity.

The Chinese calligraphy written in the design means ‘business success’ which for implies to progression of steady business and best for business good wishes. Come cross stitching Auspicious Argosy and place it at home or workplace, this great symbol of good fortune.

And the image is lovely as well. Actually, I liked it first for the image, and the symbols behind it only increased my wish to stitch this.

See? How, when looking at this, can one resist beginning?


stash, tasty stash

Aug 17, 2007
While I was out of town visiting a good friend, we found a cross stitch shop in her town. A *real* cross stitch shop. As in a shop that is devoted to cross stitch, not a shop that just sort of happens to carry some charts and some DMC and maybe a few other things.

I may have gone a little wild, but I did keep my purchases within my “in hopes I find stash” limit I’d brought with me. 🙂

They carry the gold John James needles which I love, so I tossed a package of those in my pile. I can get them locally, on random occasions. (The store I found them at seems to re-stock them at infrequent intervals) I bought a nice size piece of a creamy/antique white shade of lugana (28ct). I could have bought more charts, but then I would have had to look locally or online for fabric when I have time to stitch them. I bought charts, and the floss and embellishments needed to stitch them. I can’t get Weeks Dye Works or The Gentle Art locally, and having to deal with online ordering later seemed silly when the threads were right there. I feel a little giddy all over again just thinking about it. heh. So what charts did I succumb to?

Lorri Birmingham Designs ‘Spring Needle Roll’ – it’s a kit, and it was the bee hive and little bee charms that did me in. I looked briefly online for it, and didn’t come across it, so I think it may be an older design. (a clearance sale sticker is another clue, lol)

Lizzie Kate ‘Wanted! – Santa ’02’ – I loved the saying on it “Wanted! Jolly Man Bearing Gifts.”

Two JBW French Country Designs- Rooster and Love.

Heartstrings ‘The Bittersweet Season’ – The photo on the chart doesn’t do it justice. The shop had a stitched model displayed, and it’s ridiculously cute without being too sweet.

I now have stash to keep me stitching for years to come, well, assuming I get the cloth and floss for all the charts I have in my drawer already. hmmmmmm.

Before we left on our trip, I picked up a copy of Cross Stitcher (issue 189). There are quite a few projects in it that I like and want to stitch eventually. And the issue came with a handy travel project bag.

And, finally, yesterday I received my shipment of fibers and beads that I need to complete the TW Needle Guardian I’m busy stitching. I’d love to say I’ll have a finish by Monday, but seem to have stressed a necessary hand a bit. Nothing a little ibuprofen won’t fix 😉 I will say that the Dinky Dyes silk floss is *gorgeous*. Worth having to wait two weeks.

I think any crafter experiences a similar Stash Sickness. It doesn’t seem to matter what your preferred artistic outlet is, we gather and store and gather some more, and perhaps part of it is the instant gratification of the acquiring process. Have to wait two weeks for some floss? Well, let’s just go get a magazine! Nearing the end of one project (nevermind that there are several others in progress)? Get supplies for several more! See a great bargain on something you might eventually possibly maybe want to do? Grab it before it’s gone! A sickness I tell you.

Rummage sales

(still have the charts, still haven’t kitted them up. I would have to develop a sudden desire to stitch people or angels in order to do so.)

July 14, 2007
I have a summertime hobby of going to yard sales (garage, rummage, etc). I almost never find good craft supplies, but I always look. Today I had the excellent fortune to find some bits of evenweave fabric. And… 6 charts.

In my glee and excitement over getting them for ten cents each (less than a dollar total) I forgot to ask the lady if she’d be interested in ever getting together for stitching chat. See, not only did I find charts, but I found *awesome* charts. Four of Rebecca Waldron’s Waldrop’s angels (Tudor, Victorian, Snow and Florentine), and two Lavender & Lace patterns (Celtic Christmas and Celtic Spring).

The L&L charts have pencil marks where she’d kept track of what she’d stitched, but the charts are still usable (and I might even be able to use an eraser lightly to clean it up so *I* can mark areas off as I go as well).

When one’s stash budget is limited, anything like this is a treasure trove indeed. When I actually get my current BAPs finished, I’ll be hard pressed to decide which one to start next.


June 21, 2007

Well, I am back from vacation 🙂 We went on a large loop through the state of Montana, and I didn’t let the small population of many of the towns deter me from looking for needlework shops. Well, I didn’t find very many. Quilting seems to be quite popular, and to my delight, most of the quilt shops tend to carry a small section of floss for hand stitching. I’m assuming it’s for embellishing crazy quilts and such, but don’t really know since I’m not a quilting addict. heh.

I did find one Yarn and Needlework shop in Hamilton, Montana, that carries several types of floss, in addition to both DMC and Anchor. That reminds me I need to check the knitters shop here to see if they’ve added any other fibers. You’d think, living in a larger city, that I’d have plenty to choose from. But you’d be wrong. 2 stores that I know of carry some of the cottons from Caron, and some of the Kreinik filaments. And if I were a machine embroiderer, there are a lot of really pretty machine threads. I realize that this will sound insane, but there are times I wonder if a specialty stitching store would be successful here. … Probably not as a threads and patterns only sort of place, but with crafty bits and indulgences and yummy smelling soaps and things. That’s just random daydreaming, and not a for-serious Plan.

I had fun adding to my stash, especially since I got to look at the floss and its colors before buying, unlike online where you have to rely on a little picture. So what did she get?

3 skeins of Needle Necessities cotton overdyed floss (colors 119, 150 & 164)

1 card of Wisper (W88, it’s white. and fuzzy.)

1 package of Oliver Twist ‘One Offs’ No. 050 (gorgeous greens, and I have some quilt project ideas I’d like to do some day. Sunbonnet Sue, and Crazy Quilt)

2 skeins Caron Waterlilies (74 & 101 I nearly succumbed and bought more, because it was *just hanging there* and *I could touch it*. Rational thoughs of budget managed to prevent a catastrophe)

and finally, 4 skeins of Sampler Threads from The Gentle Art. I had to practice restraint with these too, because instead of numbers? They are named. That nearly undid me. I got one each of Dried Thyme, Purple Iris, Hibiscus, and Butternut Squash. See what I mean? Scrumptious. Beautiful. Irresistible.

I am stitching, but no update pictures yet. I’m working on a couple of the designs from Tante’s Zolder. I’ll probably be able to post finishes by next week.

I was asked what the sizes are in the Oliver Twist thread bundle, so I looked through my coin box and snapped a photo of the thread beside several coins. (Several years ago, I would visit a local coin dealer, and buy the little cheap packages of random coins. It was fun to see the currency from far away places.)