Iris Quilt

When I was a little girl my mother started this quilt. It took her quite a few years to finish it, as she did all the applique and quilting by hand. It is (and was) much loved and used for a decade or two at least. I have not had it in use for several years now as the floss she used for the flowers is wearing thin. I’m afraid to wash it even for fear little pieces will come off and be forever lost in the plumbing somewhere.

So I began re-stitching it. It has been at least two years now since I’ve worked on it but I think about getting it out once in a while and resuming the process.

Here is an image of the quilt:

And here is a better picture of the damage, followed by a picture of some of the repair stitching.

Embroidery is not something I am proficient at but by the time I finish the last stem and flower and leaf I’m sure they will be looking much nicer than these first few! Part of the leaf issue with this example was that the seam allowance on the bit of fabric was pretty much frayed into oblivion. I had considered making new bits for damaged/missing motifs but decided against it. Matching the fabric for both color and “age” would have been a large task. In the instances where I have too little (or no) fabric to repair I will just fill in with some sort of stitch instead.


Rose Pillowcase

I have a few pieces in my craft stash that belonged to relatives who’ve passed on. This set of rose pillowcases is one of those projects. I have not worked on this at all in the past five years, so I’m not quite sure if I want to categorize it as a “work in progress”… probably shouldn’t. The cloth is a 100% cotton, and the design was already stamped on the cases. I decided to use colors that would go well with other linens and decor in our bedroom. So the roses are blue and the foliage is green. I get bored with chain and satin stitch pretty quickly which is probably one reason I set it aside. Not needing to count or to keep track of a paper pattern would make this a very portable “on the go” project. I think I’ll pull it out and start a “go bag” of projects.