Springtime Roses

Jan 23, 2007
My current “small” project that I’m stitching is Martina Weber’s freebie “Springtime Roses”. I needed some instant gratification after working on Frederick for so long. Especially considering that my other WIPs are *big*.

I altered the floss list a little bit, because I wanted to play with the DMC Rayon, and YLI Silk flosses I received as holiday presents. I am using one strand of the DMC she lists, plus either 1 strand of a near-match rayon, or 2 strands of a near-match YLI. A couple of the DMC colors didn’t have any good matches, so in those cases I’m using 2 strands of the DMC cotton. I had to order the variegated silks (Thread Gatherer Silk’n colors, and Caron Waterlilies) because no one locally carries them and there are no good cotton substitutions. Oh the hardship, ordering floss! I am going to use Kreinik metallics for the Rainbow Gallery braid though. I’m currently thinking 2 strands filament plus one strand of base DMC cotton. Unless I just get Kreinik braid. I can get quite a lot of the Kreiniks in local shops though. 🙂

So, my “working floss list” is:

DMC 819 + YLI 13

DMC 776 + rayon 30818

DMC 3326 + YLI 172

DMC 335 + rayon 30899

DMC 341 + rayon 30800

DMC 793 + YLI 798

DMC 3810 + YLI 103

DMC 3348 (2 strands)

DMC 3345 + YLI 132

DMC 469 (2 strands)

DMC 935 (2 strands)

DMC 581 + YLI 162

DMC 733 (2 strands)

DMC 3823 + rayon 30745

So far, I am loving working with the silk. The rayon is more prone to knotting and tangling. But it has a lovely shine to it, and looks pretty stitched.

Feb 14, 2007
I have kept saying “just a little more, then I’ll scan it and post an update”. But then another few days pass with no scanning and no update. This morning I finally said “enough is enough” and scanned. So here, in all its unfinished glory, is my current progress on Springtime Roses. 🙂

Feb 22, 2007
Well, I discovered after I’d stitched the half stitches in the center, that I was supposed to have done them with one strand of silk, not two. I’m going to just leave it the way it is, although it probably makes the background behind the dragonfly more vivid than it was designed to be. I’ll just be sure to do a great job backstitching the dragonfly. 😀

Husband thought it looks like there are palm trees or the hint of palm trees in the background area, and I agree. Sure didn’t expect that, but it’s kinda cool! I wasn’t sure I would like variegated silk but it has grown on me and I’m fond of it now. Certainly it has to be used in particular ways or the result would be ugly, but oh the possibilities! I can hardly wait to see what this looks like when it is completed. 🙂

Mar 11, 2007
Well, this doesn’t look like as an impressive update as it feels like to have stitched. What the photo doesn’t show very well is the pearlescent blending filament. Which I loathe stitching with. Currently I am working on the rice stitch border, which is much pleasanter, because the rice stitches are done in silk floss. Sadly, I will have to add more filament stitching.. but in gold. And then there will be some slight scattering of beads. So, the next update will be a “finish” photo 🙂 Meanwhile, a hastily snapped photo:

Sept 12, 2007
I have not been stitching on Egyptian Sampler lately. It’s my carrot dangling before me, encouraging me to finish Springtime Roses. This piece is an experimentation piece and as such there are things I like, and things I don’t. Currently, I am not liking the metallic in the border. Problem: I didn’t have the braid called for on-hand, so I substituted 4 strands of filament instead. PITA is what that is. So I decided to go ahead and use braid. Only… I used the wrong size. A larger-than-should-have size. And I refuse to frog it. Either way, neither metallic is pleasant to stitch with. I didn’t mind them up to this point. Now I pretty much loathe them. I will, WILL, finish this piece. It’s pretty. After the filament/braid goes on, I get to add beads. But meanwhile it’s almost more pleasant to clean my bathroom than to stitch on it. And that’s a sad state of affairs.

Oct 1, 2007
I am so relieved to be done stitching this piece, that I cannot even express it properly. For a while I thought it would live in the drawer, forever unfinished.

First, a picture that attempts to show off the sparkle (I tried many things to capture the sparkle, have been mostly thwarted)

And finally, the back. I never share the backs of my pieces, but thought I would this time. This would be an example of why I have not yet felt confidant enough to enter anything in needlework show /competitions. I knot the start of my floss, and weave the tails, for the curious.