Palm Tree

This is the project that started my stitching obsession. It was a kit I bought at Joann Fabric, in their clearance bin for $3. We had been in the process of trying to sell our small house so we could buy a home with a bit more space that would suit the needs of a family with boys better. This meant that all of my hobby supplies were packed away in boxes in a storage unit so our house would look more “staged” for potential buyers. And THAT meant I had nothing to occupy my hands with in the evenings. An online friend of mine had shared some photos of needlework pieces she had stitched. Lovely things that weren’t tiny cute Disney characters or simplistic flowers. I thought “hmm, it isn’t just Precious Moments birth announcements?” and went to the store.

My theory behind buying the palm tree kit was that it was only $3 so if I didn’t like working cross stitch I wouldn’t be out that much money. And the kit was pretty small, so I wouldn’t be out that much time either.

Turned out I loved it. So I stitched this piece and then the “Reading Room” piece and then went to the afore-blogged Ben Franklins and bought the kit for Frederick the Literate.