Party Eggs

These eggs were fun to make. I am a member of a ladies’ choir unit and we enjoy having a couple of parties each year. Theme and location vary but the fun never does- we always have fun! Anyhow, the eggs were simple to make, though a little time-consuming.

Raw eggs, ribbon, silk flowers, hot glue, pen & paper. That’s all. There are likely tutorials online for blowing the yolk & white out of the eggs but the process is really pretty easy.

You poke a small hole in the narrow end of the egg and a larger hole in the wide end of the egg, and literally blow from the small end to force the insides out. Get more eggs than you need to end up with to account for a few disasters along the way.

Rinse the eggs and let dry. Then using hot glue, attach the ribbon loops and the silk flowers.

The pen & paper is for making the “fortunes” that you stuff inside each egg. You can cut slips of paper and hand write quotes, silly fortunes, or whatever theme you wish; or you can type it up on your computer, print them out and cut the paper into strips. I liked having the strips the entire width of the sheet of paper- it allowed for enough paper to curl inside to keep the paper in the egg, and still have a bit of “tail” poking out so people could retrieve their saying easier.