Basket of Biscornu

I have been making progress on the Eagle Scout Emblem and will be taking progress photos soon. My stash has several “smalls” in it and one of them has even been carried around on outings. In spite of that I do not have any smalls in progress. They’re a nice bit of a break from a large piece in that you get the satisfaction of a project completion. A little encouragement to keep on stitching the large projects.

I made a biscornu ages ago, and have seen literally hundreds of other people’s biscornus (well, virtually that is). Last year some time I started seeing people talking about “baskets” of biscornu, and I finally took the time to do some internet searching to figure out what it is all about.

It sounds like a lot of fun though I would have to limit where I displayed the finished products else they would be “claimed” by the furry pets in the household as toys…

For anyone else who was or is as mystified as I was about this project, you can read all about it on the Basket of Biscornu blog.