June 21, 2007

Well, I am back from vacation 🙂 We went on a large loop through the state of Montana, and I didn’t let the small population of many of the towns deter me from looking for needlework shops. Well, I didn’t find very many. Quilting seems to be quite popular, and to my delight, most of the quilt shops tend to carry a small section of floss for hand stitching. I’m assuming it’s for embellishing crazy quilts and such, but don’t really know since I’m not a quilting addict. heh.

I did find one Yarn and Needlework shop in Hamilton, Montana, that carries several types of floss, in addition to both DMC and Anchor. That reminds me I need to check the knitters shop here to see if they’ve added any other fibers. You’d think, living in a larger city, that I’d have plenty to choose from. But you’d be wrong. 2 stores that I know of carry some of the cottons from Caron, and some of the Kreinik filaments. And if I were a machine embroiderer, there are a lot of really pretty machine threads. I realize that this will sound insane, but there are times I wonder if a specialty stitching store would be successful here. … Probably not as a threads and patterns only sort of place, but with crafty bits and indulgences and yummy smelling soaps and things. That’s just random daydreaming, and not a for-serious Plan.

I had fun adding to my stash, especially since I got to look at the floss and its colors before buying, unlike online where you have to rely on a little picture. So what did she get?

3 skeins of Needle Necessities cotton overdyed floss (colors 119, 150 & 164)

1 card of Wisper (W88, it’s white. and fuzzy.)

1 package of Oliver Twist ‘One Offs’ No. 050 (gorgeous greens, and I have some quilt project ideas I’d like to do some day. Sunbonnet Sue, and Crazy Quilt)

2 skeins Caron Waterlilies (74 & 101 I nearly succumbed and bought more, because it was *just hanging there* and *I could touch it*. Rational thoughs of budget managed to prevent a catastrophe)

and finally, 4 skeins of Sampler Threads from The Gentle Art. I had to practice restraint with these too, because instead of numbers? They are named. That nearly undid me. I got one each of Dried Thyme, Purple Iris, Hibiscus, and Butternut Squash. See what I mean? Scrumptious. Beautiful. Irresistible.

I am stitching, but no update pictures yet. I’m working on a couple of the designs from Tante’s Zolder. I’ll probably be able to post finishes by next week.

I was asked what the sizes are in the Oliver Twist thread bundle, so I looked through my coin box and snapped a photo of the thread beside several coins. (Several years ago, I would visit a local coin dealer, and buy the little cheap packages of random coins. It was fun to see the currency from far away places.)


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