Rummage sales

(still have the charts, still haven’t kitted them up. I would have to develop a sudden desire to stitch people or angels in order to do so.)

July 14, 2007
I have a summertime hobby of going to yard sales (garage, rummage, etc). I almost never find good craft supplies, but I always look. Today I had the excellent fortune to find some bits of evenweave fabric. And… 6 charts.

In my glee and excitement over getting them for ten cents each (less than a dollar total) I forgot to ask the lady if she’d be interested in ever getting together for stitching chat. See, not only did I find charts, but I found *awesome* charts. Four of Rebecca Waldron’s Waldrop’s angels (Tudor, Victorian, Snow and Florentine), and two Lavender & Lace patterns (Celtic Christmas and Celtic Spring).

The L&L charts have pencil marks where she’d kept track of what she’d stitched, but the charts are still usable (and I might even be able to use an eraser lightly to clean it up so *I* can mark areas off as I go as well).

When one’s stash budget is limited, anything like this is a treasure trove indeed. When I actually get my current BAPs finished, I’ll be hard pressed to decide which one to start next.


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