Quilts! finished!

They still use their quilts. I still haven’t taken any photos of the quilts.

Dec 20, 2006
I managed to complete oldest son’s quilt earlier this week. It is crammed into a smallish box. hehehe. Yesterday, I took the plunge, and committed to a marathon day of yarn-pulling. Rather than work a bit, and quit when my knees or hands started to ache (technique I’ve been using since I began this project), I started my day with pain-killers. And then I pulled thread, tied knots, and snipped tails, for something heinous like 7 hours.

But, the quilts are finished!! I gave the little guys their quilts last night, because it seemed silly to wrap them and put them under the tree, when both boys have known I am making them blankets. They are already asking me several times a day if it is Christmas yet, and are we opening presents yet. I didn’t want to add to the crazy of the season. Oldest, however, may not realize I made him one too. Hard to say. Teenagers sometimes seem to be in another world, but really aren’t.

I may post photos of the quilts later, but they (in my opinion) turned out a bit “Charlie Brown”. So I may take new pictures of the quilts In Action while in use by Boys. The errors and “learning elements” won’t be so obvious then. LOL.


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