new stash

(Auspicious Argosy is indeed kitted and awaiting my needle. I have, alas, several other large WIPs ahead of it…)

Oct 25, 2007
My chart for Frederick the Literate found a new home with Outi, and in exchange she sent me the PINN chart ‘Auspicious Argosy’. Thanks Outi! I am wanting to start stitching it already. … The problem is that I have a lot of Medieval Court left, as well as over half of Egyptian Sampler. I also started Fish City (even though with only a small inch or so completed, it hardly counts as being “in progress”).

I am also nearly finished with the scissor fob companion piece to my Lorri Birmingham needlecase that I made ages ago. And I’m making an applique-ish? quilt block for the Robert Jordan memorial quilt project. And Solarium Sublime’s Virtual RR#1 begins Nov 1st. (As does NaNoWriMo..)

This doesn’t even touch on the projects for which I have charts, fabric and floss gathered.

But, consider this from the back of the booklet:

Through most of Chinese history, the Chinese have concentrated largely on land commerce and exploration. Until 1403 in Ming dynasty the maritime expansion of commerce had begun, Chinese emperor was interested to expand trade with other countries and had a taste for import exotic goods. It was at this time that China first received embassies from major countries such as Europe. This also begun of greatest time of Chinese commercial era the voyage ship came to be symbol of prosperity and was initiated in the old trading days in Asia. Chinese said that the voyage ship represents the arrival of good fortune as on board there was always gold and money then became known as treasure ship. Most business used voyage ships as a logo to state that their luck had finally arrived. In meaning of Feng Shui, ancient Chinese art of living, the voyage ship embodies wood, water and wind elements which when combined it is said to be most auspicious as they represent health and prosperity.

The Chinese calligraphy written in the design means ‘business success’ which for implies to progression of steady business and best for business good wishes. Come cross stitching Auspicious Argosy and place it at home or workplace, this great symbol of good fortune.

And the image is lovely as well. Actually, I liked it first for the image, and the symbols behind it only increased my wish to stitch this.

See? How, when looking at this, can one resist beginning?


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