Fish City and so on

So Fish City is an official UFO. I believe I cannibalized the fabric in order to kit up other charts… I never did make much more than a couple of inches worth of progress on it. Some day I’ll get back to it because the piece is just adorable.

Sept 30, 2006
We’d ordered pizza delivery for lunch today, but it was so late we got our food for free. What to do with a sudden bit of extra money? Why, go stash shopping of course! I have been wanting to look at the new DMC Variations threads, but when I browsed through the kits and charts I found the Stoney Creek Fish City chart. w00t!!

I’ve wanted this chart since I first saw it, since I know my little boys would absolutely adore it. The only mistake I made when I returned home, was letting them see it. Tomorrow, I must go on a mission to purchase a sizeable piece of cloth. Because I need another WIP, yes I do! And also, if I don’t start it, the boys will mope.

I’m not usually excited about kid-oriented patterns. Fish City is one of the exceptions, and another design by the artist, Noah’s Sub, would be another exception. I may eventually acquire the Noah’s Sub. I should probably finish a few things first…

Oct 3, 2006
I started Fish City- insanely I purchased 18ct Aida. I get rather confused over the difference between Aida and Evenweave, but I *think* if it were an evenweave it would be a 36ct? The stitches, they are small. I have to turn my light to its brightest setting, and a lot of time translates to a small area completed. It’s going to look simply stunning when it’s finished though, so I’m not complaining.

The progress so far is the bottom few rows of the lower left corner page. I think the chart extends about ten more stitches to the right before it moves on to the next page. The project is 5 pages of chart wide by 3 pages of chart high. And the thing I AM going to moan about is the large number of 1/4 stitches. On teeny tiny Aida. If I’d actually looked closely at the chart before purchasing cloth, I would have picked a larger spacing..

On to more visible progress! Corte Medieval. I’m really starting to get into this piece, in a “I could stay up all night and stitch” sort of way. Sleep still wins over stitching, but it’s been a near thing on a couple of evenings. I really love the way the many near shades of colors blend so nicely in this piece. It shows up better in the scan than in my livingroom lighting. I can’t wait to finish this page so I can work on the section of chart that has the figures’ heads. 😀

All of this has been put on a temporary hold because I want to make my boys quilts for Holiday gifts. Yesterday, like a maniac, I cut enough squares for 3 quilt tops, laid out the squares to plan the “look”, and stitched one top together. It is crooked. I have determined that I view sewing as utilitarian, and not as art. Today sometime, or possibly tomorrow, I need to sew together the blocks for the other two quilt tops. I’m not doing anything insane like hand-quilting, or even machine-quilting. I’m simply going to use yarn to “tie” the quilt layers all together. Something cheerful and primary color.

I also cut some plain muslin into 12″ squares, so I can at my leisure, create art blocks. I want to piece some Sunbonnet Sue blocks, and try some crazy quilting. These things would be more of a “wall art” kind of thing, because I plan on using a lot of fun embellishments, which wouldn’t hold up to wear&tear of a bed quilt. Anyhow, that quilt idea isn’t something I’m doing soon- the muslin is just prepped for “some day”. LOL

And as if all that weren’t enough, I need to remember to contact the nice woman from whom I bought my spindle, for lessons on using said spindle as well as a look-see at my spinning wheel, and perhaps purchasing bits & bobs necessary for prepping and spinning an alpaca fleece.

There are more projects in my pile, and I think I’d better plan on living forever if I want to finish everything crafty and arty that I think is shiny and alluring.


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