Corte Medieval

This is a project which is currently in UFO (unfinished object) status. A good friend gave me her pattern, which was a good thing because I never did hear back from the publisher of the magazine it was printed in (I was seeking to BUY the magazine- you’d think they’d have at least responded to me!). I love the quality of the design. A lot of nuance is achieved with a modest number of colors. Some day when I feel like wrangling the seeming acres of cloth I will work on it again.

Notes from July 28, 2006:

I’m on page 1 of 8, and I’ve been stitching like mad for a week (ok ok, part of a week). But this has been a week where I’ve had hours and hours of non-typical free time to stitch in, so I won’t be able to keep this pace for the entire project. I expect it will be something that I will work on for months, if not years.

So far I’ve only mis-stitched a few things, and I left them because it isn’t a big issue. I tried a few stitches over 1, and decided to save my eyesight. It looked GREAT but it was next to impossible to count individual stitches, and with so many of the colors nearly identical, counting is crucial. So I’m stitching over 2, and seeing the same “background fabric showing through thread” issue that Ternezia is dealing with. I have hopes that a gentle washing and pressing after the entire thing is finished will tighten the fabric weave enough to get rid of the show-through. It’s only obvious when looking at it straight-on, so I can always hang it on the wall at such a height that you see it at an angle. 😀


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