Notes on Egyptian Sampler

July 21, 2006
I’ve done the backstitching starting at the left, up til about the third papyrus motif. It’s terribly tedious and time-consuming to do the backstitching, hence why I’m doing it as I go along instead of waiting until the very end of the sampler. It is also time intensive to do the million billion quarter stitches that make up the bulk of the papyrus motifs, or I’d have probably finished the top border by now. I’ve vowed to get the top done, and then do a wee bit in the central design area as a reward. 😀

March 28, 2007
Well the other day I was very tired of stitching spring things, and my quick project had turned into a much longer one than I’d planned for. Rather than chop up Springtime Roses with my scissors, I put it away for a while and returned to Egyptian Sampler. It has definitely been the right decision, as I have not only made excellent progress on ES, but I have also discovered that I do like Springtime Roses. Which means it will one day be a finish and not a UFO.

The colors and energies in ES have been delightful to work with, even though I think there are somewhere around 40 symbols in just the falcon. Most of them blends. I’ve been back-stitching as I finish elements so that I won’t be faced with an eternity of back-stitch at the end. The beads, however, are waiting until the end after I’ve gently washed the piece.

I was able to do quite a bit of stitching on ES lately. I changed tactics a little bit, and instead of concentrating on one area until I’d finished it all the way to the back-stitching, I ventured a bit further into the design. I’m glad I did since it gives me a visual frame of reference for the dimensions of the piece. Something exciting is that the bottom edge of the box at the lower right-hand corner is at about the halfway point in the design. 😀 I did edit the image a bit, in an effort to bring it close to actual color. I wasn’t willing to take it off the frame in order to scan it. But I promise when it is finished, I will give it a proper scan 🙂 (and no, I didn’t really stitch it crooked. I basted my evenweave onto the flannel ‘pockets’ crooked. It will all come right when it is washed and pressed.)

January 25, 2011
I am still working on this piece. I let it sit with very little stitching for a year or so, and have only worked on it in fits & starts since then. I’ll have to post a separate photo update when I have a day of good natural light to best capture the colors. Meanwhile, I am including a few of the progress photos I took along the way so far!


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