Lorri’s Needlecase

All blogs begin – some with a bang and some with a sad limp whimper. This blog begins with the conclusion of a project. This is neither a bang nor a whimper, but rather a triumphant brandishment of my first hardanger piece. I like it. A lot. I would say something silly like “I will hug it and pet it and name it Ethel” but in order to maintain a perception amongst all of you that I do have a shred of dignity about me, I will refrain.

The instructions called for a bunch of folding and glue to finish this project – and I was horrified at the thought of using GLUE on silk-stitched linen. Then, then I tried to come up with a way to stitch the lining fabric to the stitched bits, without the sewing visible, and gave up and used fabric glue. I made this for myself, for personal use, so what does it matter if it gets discolored with age? That is what I’m telling myself.

inside view

outside view

originally posted July 17, 2006


Hello world!

I have been doing various crafts most of my life. Several years ago I picked up cross stitch and fell in love. I still enjoy other artistic outlets, never fear!

As I have some free time I’ll be reposting my needlework entries from an older blog I’d let molder too long to want to dust off. Hopefully there will be time for stitching and crafting in the coming months as well! And yes, I’ll be sure to share status posts and photo finishes as I go along. All in good time!

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your visit.